Saturday, 30 April 2011

From one blog to another

Hi Jenny, Here is my new blog for the Allotment Diaries & Environmental Hubs Project. Let me know what you think:

Hi Liz, this looks great, and congratulations for receiving support for Grants for the Arts - that is excellent - well done! The project looks very interesting, I like the idea of having an ad-hoc studio in the allotment area, and the practice of making food for the local 'alloters', and the project highlights interesting issues around the long term sustainability of such spaces.

Have you secured an allotment in London for your research? I have a friend who is a keen Gardener ( and garden historian, she did an MA in Garden History at Birkbeck), with an allotment, which I am sure would be interested, and she could probably tell you some interesting information about the history of allotments perhaps.

For me there is a link between the nature of allotments and artists studios - they are both places that are 'hired', a physical space, that individuals go to, to make or grow.  In a sense, often with artists studios, the individuals do not often meet, as many have different schedules, and only when 'events' are arranged do the majority involved group together.

I look forward to hearing more about how the project develops.

Liz: Hi Jenny, yes if you could send me his details it would be great to visit him in London, I have a allotment visit scheduled in Elephant and Castle so I can try and meet up with him then too.

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