Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Task 3 - it's all in the name

Jenny - Can you find out as much about my Family name as possible? Wewiora - I don't think there is that many of us but you never know.

I am trying to find as much about Steele on the www as I can...

Jenny: This has been a difficult task! There seems to be no history in your name at all online.  There were a few in Lancashire, a George Wewiora in Salford of Trafford Books (a relative?), a Sylwia Wewiora in the USA, a Helen Wewiora who has worked as a curator at Cornerhouse Gallery,

There were also some Wewiora's that had passed away in Canada, there seems also to be quite a few Wewiora's in Poland, for example, this female canoeist Paulina Wewiora and a Barbara Wewiora....the most examples seem to be in the North West of England, Canada and Poland.

Liz : Jenny I am impressed - George is my father and Helen is my sister. I have never heard or met Paulina but a Barbarah Wewiora did be-friend me on facebook purely because of our surnames. So physically I have no association with her but we have an on-line friendship identity.
It is a hard name to find out about - apparently when my Grandad came over here and married my gran, she insisted on simplifying its spelling so it went from wiewiĆ²rka to Wewiora. With this spelling my surname actually translates as 'Squirrel' which subsequently became my nickname at Primary School.

With Steele - there are thousands of you! According to the on-line info I could find, there are In Great Britain : 25 977 people who share the surname Steele and the surname Steele is the 354th most common name in Great Britain. With most people with the Surname coming from East Ayrshire (it is the 3rd most common surname in that area.

Now I know that you are Scottish but not entirely sure if your name goes back to the original Scottish Steele's or English one's? Either way you have your own crest!

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