Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hi Liz- 28.04.11 - Task 4

What artists do you like, and give a few examples of their work...


There are so many artists that I really am interested in, but I am going to put just a few....

Sinta Werner, she was on the MFA with me at Goldsmiths, and has such an interesting approach to architectural space, with all works executed with such detail and skill.  She is currently represented by Nettie Horn. 

Sinta Werner MFA Degree Exhibition, Goldsmiths College, 2007

Pablo Bronstein, an artist that works in drawing, most recently, perverting structural forms through 'postmodern drawings'.

'Large Building with a Courtyard', Pablo Bronstein

And my old favourite, Diana Cooper..

'Orange Alert', Diana Cooper

Liz: One of the hardest questions as I have so many. As I previously mentioned my first big photographic inspiration came from Wolfgang Tillmans - the fact that everything for him was potential subject matter was what engaged me with his practice so much.

For me he manages to capture those 'chance encounter' moments, which are so vital to strong photographic work, whilst also being able to carefully compose a scene, bringing banal and everyday objects into pure moments of beauty - I know a lot of photographers who don't like his work but that doesn't really matter to me.

 Casual Beauty

Another artist I have always been excited by is Sophie Calle - She is quite old school really but a classic artist to appreciate. Her 'Shadow' project and 'Hotel rooms' are of particular interest to me. For Calle the work seems much more about the performance and the process, choosing almost a documentary style of images and photographs to showcase the outcomes of her projects. The works never seem simply documentary though, but almost take on an installation format when presented. For me Calle represents, photographer, performer, voyeur, conceptual artist and feminist all wrapped in one. She immerses herself within her projects and this is something I would love to be able to develop myself - crossing photography projects into installations and process based works. 

Another artist, much closer to home for me, is a fellow graduate from Glasgow School of Art. Silja Lefisdottir's graduated from Fine Art Photography with me in 2008, and I just found her work so playful and inviting. There was real charm to her projects and as an artist, myself, who was preoccupied with human nature, playful scenarios and questioning aspects of the everyday, I felt a strong connection with her work. 

 Image by Silja Lefisdottir, 'It is easier to let go if you forget about gravity'

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