Monday, 25 April 2011

Hi Jenny - Task 2 (25.04.11)

Jenny - we work in very different mediums and disciplines. If you had to respond to any of my work and link it directly to your practice which image or project would you choose? Feel free to search the web for my work...

Albermale Allotments, Manchester, 16/04/10
Hi Liz - I am interested in quite a few different elements of your practice, it seems there are a few divergent routes within it.  I was interested in the close up photographs, which we previously discussed, as 'evidence of human presence' through stains or used objects.  I am also interested in the references to 'make do and mend' architectural structures within the various communities that you have been exploring. For example, in the image above, where the inhabitants have recycled or used found objects to build architectural structures.  Within this series of images, I am interested in the practice of re-using objects to take upon another role, or construct temporary architecture.  I have been doing a lot of drawings of maps recently, juxtaposing digital layouts with physical town layouts, but I am interested in building three dimensional models, using found physical objects.  It reminds me of the Richard Wentworth series of images, that I often return to - 'Making Do and Getting By', where obtuse objects and ephemera take on a new role.  As my practice is heavily process and making based, it would be interested to explore the use of photography within 'making'.  Your work often carries an atmosphere of an 'older generations' set of values or nostalgia, which may be something also that we could investigate.

What would you say if I asked the question to you?

It is actually one of your earlier works that I am always drawn back to. I first spotted it when looking through your website for your Chongqing application and I always go back to it when I visit your web or want to show your work to someone else. With this particular piece of work it is the attention to detail and the emphasis on the small delicate object that I relate to. With my own work I often look for the unnoticed everyday object or surrounding and try to give it new importance through the view of the photography. The fact that you had used everyday objects and glorified them with such precision is what interests me in making work in general and in terms of installation work is something I am excited to develop, working with found and small everyday object, reworking and therefore re-evaluating them. And so this work from your 2007 installation is definitely the most relevant for me.

                        'From the other side of the screen it all looks so easy'

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