Thursday, 5 May 2011

from intangible to tangible...Task 10 (6.5.11)

Hi Liz - thinking about the various forms of user generated content online, what do you think would be corresponding visual forms or processes that we may want to work in? And that would also lend themselves to a collaboration of two artists?

Hi Jenny - I am quite interest in the idea of physically tracking our on-line relationship - as some kind of navigation, or mapping? For me the visual form of mapping is quite powerful, although your reference to playing / games above is quite charming - suits the 'tasks' element of how we have been communicating so far. Let me have some time to think and I will get back to you in day or so, maybe with some visual mapping sketches too.

In terms of outcomes that would lend to strong collaborative work, perhaps we need to see the space first as I feel what we make will be quite site responsive?

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