Monday, 9 May 2011

usergeneratedprofiles - installations

Hi Liz: I have been thinking about the installation, and possible ways to 'map' our relationship online, and our blog.  I have a few ideas but I am aware that I do not want to project my ideas too much.  I often work in installation/ and or drawing, but it is important that there is elements of both our practices within the work.  As you say, once we get images of the space, this will help to form the development of the work.

Usergenerated blog 'Timeline'

Often development of many issues, relationship or history can be tracked by a 'timeline', which can be pin-pointed by visual and textual information, see below;

I have imagined that the timeline could function in a 'daydo rail', with us adding visual and textual significant developments along the timeline.  A possible way to use the time line, would be that the points on the upside of the daydo rail could be your interpretation, and the underside could be mine.  With regards to materials, we could use paint, pencil and photography, if we could work straight onto the wall?  The timeline would be adjunct to the rhizomatic nature of internet navigation, reflecting our journeys through a summarised, linear diagram.

'Spider Diagram/ Chart'

We could chart our communication in a more multi-directional manner through a spider-chart diagram, which could also be made in similar materials as above.  See some examples of the visuals of spider charts -

This is similar to my original idea where I thought we could get to know each other online, and write a profile for each of us, as we knew each other initally(which we first did upon the blog), and then a profile within the exhibition, once we have known each other for a period of activity upon the blog.  We could create a profile through drawing, painting for each other on the wall.

Let me know what you think...

Hi Jenny - hurray blogger is back up and working. Suppose it is all part of the process with trying to communicate and create your own content on-line. 

I am glad we are thinking along the same lines, I am interested in the timeline especially in terms of 'tracking our relationships' but I think the spider diagrams are more aesthetically interesting for an installation. I do drawing work and obviously photography but don't work in painting much at all so would not feel to confident working in that medium, but maybe that is all part of the experiment of working together. 
I have been making sketches of text based maps - I'll send them via the blog tonight. 
Once we have the images / dimensions of the space we will probably be able to push things forward! 

Send me any sketches once you have them and we can see what to work on. I am also going to start making some photographic works as well, just in terms of me responding to the 'concept of profiles'! 

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