Monday, 16 May 2011

Titles, text, statement, materials, and computer problems

In response to previous posts, I like the titles as being one of those that you mentioned, that relates to a period of linear time that we have gotten to know each other.  We can discuss this more in person, when we meet in person again.

Text/ Statement
In response to the BLANKMEDIA collective request for statement and work synopsis, I will create a document with both our statements and a brief outline of the work. I will email you to check over.

Yes I think pen, pencil and marker pen would be suitable.  The reason I mentioned paint was because it offers a stronger outline from the distance generally.  I thought perhaps we could use just black or grey, and potentially white for certain aspects of the drawing.  I didn't want to use it in a colour mixing, tonal aspect, but have a think about that. Say for example, the way I have used in previous installations, such as the 'Communitas Digitas'. Another lovely material are paint markers, so I will see if I can get my hands on some.  They have the texture of paint, but the control and nib of a pen - they are often used for bar boards.  I have a couple of coloured ones I stole from my partner but I will get some monotone ones.

That is, if we are planning to not use colour? I find working in large scale and on a tight schedule, it is easier to limit your colour palette to a few colours......

Computer Problems
I am having a computer nightmare as my current one is away being fixed, and I am having to dodge and use my partners when hes is not, or use this ANCIENT mac I am currently on which will not let me access most websites, send emails or connect to my scanners! ggrrrr!

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