Monday, 16 May 2011

Initial sketches for installation

Installation Layout no1, and installation layout no2

Close up of installation no1

Hi Liz,

Here are some ideas of how we could potentially use the space, you may want to open up these images on a larger scale or I will email them to you. The top is two potential layouts - 1) using user stats graph as a timeline, with points of reference, significant moments and images along it, and 2) using a spider diagram to focus on all the user generated sites we have gotten to know each other through. Image 3) is a close up of the potential stats/ timeline approach.

Whatever we do, I think we need to be consistent in colours, fonts, materials, scale etc.  In the graph time line idea I thought you could write your comments above the 'line' for example, and I could write mine under, with many meeting on either side.

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