Monday, 2 May 2011

Task 7 - 02.05.11

Hi Jenny - What are you currently working on in your studio at the moment? Can you upload some images of your current works in progress / research in your studio? Or maybe something from a sketch book?

Here is my studio, via my very quick phone snaps:

Hi Liz - I am afraid my studio space at home is in such a mess, I will not subject the www to my disorganisation! Here are some close up photographs of a woodblock cut I am doing, and some initial prints.  However, the press was not large enough and it needs to be cut further, as several of the edges were squint, and there was not enough pressure to print properly. I am hoping to print it at LPS next week.  It is a long process, but I am enjoying it despite several cuts on my hands!

Woodblock print after printing

The process of cutting

Close up after test prints - wonky edges!

Test print on newsprint

Close up of test print on newsprint (upside down!)

Test print on newsprint

The last drawing I worked on is the one below, which I might add further 3d relief to.  It is called 'Netizen Layout' - I am going to take some well lit shots of my drawings this week...

Netizen Layout, Pen, pencil, vinyl and cardboard relief on paper

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