Wednesday, 18 May 2011

New Space for work

Hi Jenny: I have met with the exhibitions coordinator, Taneesha, and talked through the potential spaces. Although the back corner was a great sized space, and I was really drawn to the corner's internal architecture, it is usually used by HACman as a workshop area and it would need a lot of clearing out and moving around again mid-week for a workshop session. Practically it just does not work to have our installation there.
We have been offered an alternative space, which is smaller but much more manageable with our restricted days to work together!  It is another corner space, with a pillar style edge which potentially gives us a third wall to work on if we want to run the diagram across all three sections. Here are some pictures of the space, still waiting for the dimensions height wise but the other three walls are as follows: 145 cm across, 82 cm across and 51cm across.

Because the nature of the space and install dates are restricted we can now work together on paper instead of working directly on the walls. Although this is not our original plan it is all part of the process and perhaps reflects the restrictions of our on-line relationship compared to our physical distance from each other to work together!

Here are some images of the space:
let me know if you have any thoughts, responses to it,

New exhibition space for the collaboration at Mad Lab

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