Monday, 16 May 2011

Task for Liz: 16th May 2011

Hi Liz

Can you bring the following materials for friday............if you can

Pens - fineliners, biros, markers
Pencils - soft and hard
Glue adhesive 
Fine Paintbrushes, brushes and wide brushes
Spirit level
measuring tape
White and black paint
Stanley knife

All the ones in bold I will also bring.

Also, can you print out all the posts you have made on the blog, and I will do for my own.

Hi Jenny:

I have some stuff with me already but have bought some extra bits and bobs from the list too. I already have measuring tapes and a spirit level. My brushes are pretty rubbish just to warn you. I have black paint but not white and have everything else on the list: et voila...

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